Wordpress/Website Management and Maintenance

We live in an incredible time. It’s never been easier to build a simple website for your new business with an easy drag and drop layout. You don’t need to know a lick of code and you can still produce a fairly decent website. 

If it sounds like I’m talking you out of hiring me to build your website, I’m not

Because the reality is that without even a little bit of knowledge of what makes a website a website, you’re going to start to run into issues. Maybe you didn’t know that you needed to compress your images and now your pages are taking 30 seconds to load. Maybe you don’t know how to build custom page layouts for different content types. Maybe you don’t know how to keep the site safe and secure. 

This is where I can help.  

From building a site from scratch with a designer to auditing your current website build, I would love to get your website in tip-top shape. 

My top priority when developing a new website, whether it’s on WordPress, Squarespace, or the content manager my husband built, PageRoost, is that it’s snappy, is easy to use, and looks great on mobile, and can grow with you into the future.

Photo by Filiberto Santillán on Unsplash

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